Product Name INCI Name Applicotion
It is main use for relieve itching and apart from bits hairdressing、 Hair care shampoo.
Piroctone Olamine
OCTO is a broad spectrum of microbiocide/microbiostat and an anti-dandruff active ingredient
Zinc Pyrithione
ZPT is an effective antimicrobial to fungi and bacteria, which can effectively kill the fungi that cause the dandruff
Personal care products, antibacterial soap, deodorant soap, shampoo, laundry detergent and healthy products, etc. Household & institutional disinfectant and cleansers, Public & hospital Hygiene. Other industrial fields such as film, glue, coating, Lubricating oil/metal cutting fluid antiseptic fungicide, textile and paper making, etc.
Benzalkonium chloride
Fungicide industry
Piroctone olamine
It is used in shampoo, hair care, bath lotion, cosmetics, skin care products and washing products