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Pullulan. Acts as a texturing agent, binder and as a film former. It is a naturally occurring polysaccharide, with an average molecular weight of about 200,000 daltons. It has good adhesive and foam retention properties when dissolved in water, but without high viscosity. Provides smoothness and helps in creating new products such as facial masks that can be easily washed away. It can be used as an effective and stable carrier for active ingredients, colors and fragrances. Used in skin care, hair care and facial cleansing products.

Pullulan Product details

Film Formers
Aesthetic Enhancers (Color & Look) > Softening / Texturing Agents
bio/ organic
wash-off / rinse
foam booster

Odor Odorless
Color White
Product Status COMMERCIAL

Applications/ Recommended for
Decorative cosmetics/Make-up
Hair care (Shampoos, Conditioners & Styling)
Perfumes & fragrances
Skin care (Facial care, Facial cleansing, Body care, Baby care)

Origine/Nature Bio/ Organic approval, Polysaccharides
Regulatory Status US, EU
Bio Based Yes
Labels/Agency Rating Ecocert

Solubility Properties

Soluble in water