Our Team

The best and brightest

<p><center>Doctor Yang</center>

Doctor Yang

Technical support

Doctor Yang has lead the development of the Joint friends quality control system and guided the innovation of various formula which have allowed for the rapid expansion of the company. Doctor Yang has a keen eye for process improvement and an engaging communication style.

<p><center>Peja Zhang</center>

Peja Zhang

Logistical manager

Peja has carefully guided the progress of one of the most integral functions at Joint friends’s logistics. Peja has a wide area of responsibility and expertise ensuring Joint friends has efficient warehousing and competitive shipping rates.

<p><center>Andy Wei</center>

Andy Wei

Domestic marketing manager

Overseeing all aspects of the Domestic business, Andy is best known as a logical, visionary salesman with Valuable business acumen derived from his 7 years atJoint Friends. Under his careful guidance Joint Friends has progressed and modernised in all facets of operation through the use of systems, procedures and standardisation.

<p><center>Tomas Zhu</center>

Tomas Zhu

Sales Director

A skilled negotiator and relationships expert, Tomas has overseen the development of Joint friends’s largest bulk product lines. He has lead the sales team into new markets, new products and broke sales records.

<p><center>Kaitlin Wong</center>

Kaitlin Wong

Financial manager

Kaitlin was graduated from Nanjing University of Finance and Economics , she’s speciality is handling with international settlements , banking facilities , documentary credit . dedicated 6 years in Joint friends and Ensures the accuracy of the company’s financial operations .

<p><center>Vivian Fan</center>

Vivian Fan

Oversea account manager

More than 15 years of exporting experience makes Vivian a successful leader in the team , from raw material’s production to terminal market , she try to know every detail of the process , and pay attention to every details she could reach , make sure company’s sales system absolutely precise . she is also responsible for guiding new team members.