Name of product:CHLORAMPHENICOL base
Batch No.:20160301
Quantity : 1000kg
Quantity of product:1000kg
Manufacture data:Mar 16 .2016
Expiry Data:Mar 15.2019
Date of Analysis:Mar 16 .2016

Test ItemsSpecificationsResults of Analysis
IdentificationPositive Positive
Assay Not less than 98.0%W/W and not more than 102.0%
(dried substance)
CharacteristicsWhite or white with greenish-yellowish crystalline powderconform
Loss on DryingNot more than 0.5%W/W0.28%
Melting range149-153℃151.5 ℃
Acidity or alkalinity4.5-7.57.0
Sulfated0.1 % max0.08 %
Heavy metals10ppm maxpass
Solubility Moderately soluble in95% alcohol , very little soluble in rther and water , insoluble in chlorophormpass
ConclusionThe Material complies with Preseribed/stated standards of quality

Head of QC Dept: Jiang Gangfu
Checker: ZhangLi
Analyst: Jiang Zhongmin