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International sales/ Supervisor

♥ To develop planning for international sales for types of ingredients;

♥ To assist business managers in market research, development, procurement, sales, business negotiations and technical support work in product lines such as fine chemicals;

♥ Is responsible for international marketing, customer care and product sales;

♥ To develop the relevant product market overseas based on overseas exhibitions, overseas companies and other channels.

Purchasing supervisor

Investigate the global supply channels of API / pharmaceutical intermediates, food, feed, cosmetics, nutritional additives / ingredient market and marketplace changes, to develop long-term procurement plans;

Negotiate bulk cargo and procurement tasks, ensuring the normal purchasing amount for the company;

Execute procurement cost control measures, procurement quality assurance, and optimize the procurement process following the purchasing manager’s planning;

To assist the manager in day-to-day management of purchasing and departmental tasks.

Marketing department- Manager

♦ Responsible for annual budget and budget-control for the marketing department;
♦ Responsible for new product releases, market promotion, image display and other activities;
♦ Responsible for organizing to carry out product advertising;
♦ Responsible for organizing market research for new products;
♦ Responsible for organizing customer visits and related market research;
♦ Responsible for customer analysis and relationship management;
♦ International market development, strategy development;
♦ International market information collection, development and management of foreign markets, Maintain the direction of our customers’ relationship development and participate in that maintenan