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pullulan Properties

Pullulan is non-toxic, non-mutagenic, odorless, tasteless, and edible. Dry pullulan powders are white and non-hygroscopic and dissolve readily in hot or cold water. Pullulan solutions are of relatively low viscosity. The viscosity of pullulan solutions is stable to heating, changes in pH, and most metal ions, including sodium chloride.

pullulan Applications:


The high binding and film-forming properties of Pullulan make it a valuable ingredient for coating. Not only can Pullulan help produce strong, smooth and highly glossed surfaces but also increase shelf life.
Dressing and Sauces 
Due to its ‘adhesive property’ use of pullulan in sauces improves their ‘on product’ retention without unduly increasing sauce viscosity. It is acknowledged that it is difficult to retain sauces on the surface of some pre-cooked meat and fish products; but this problem can be overcome by incorporating pullulan into the formulation.

Innovative Soft Candy

Incorporation of 2-3% Pullulan enables innovative soft chewy candies to be made by a cold extrusion process without resorting to conventional boiling. This enables heat sensitive materials to be used in these products.


Pullulan can be formed into capsules for use with pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. Benefits of capsules made from Pullulan:

Its Nature origin ensures it is no GMO

Cost Control- production line still be used to make capsules with Pullulan as the material

Oxygen impermeableeffectively keep ingredients stable, oil in particular

Stable, no cross-linking

Ratify in many countries

Transparent and shining

Packaging & Shipping

Packing 1-10KG In aluminum bag

(with plastic bag inside and carton outside)

≥25KG 25KG/Drum(Carton)

(with plastic-bags inside)

Shipment By Express 1-50KG Door to Door 3-10 Days
By Air 50-500KG Airport to Airport 1-5 Days
By Sea ≥ 500KG Seaport to Seaport 5-30 Days

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